When planning your dream indoor or outdoor kitchen, consider allowing the consultants at Urban Signature Appliances to help you with selections and appliances that fit your lifestyle and plan. It is said that furniture makes a family and kitchen appliances define the furniture in a home.

Our Team works with new home plans, remodeling plans and if you need us to, an Urban Signature Appliance Consultant will go to your home and take measurements so you will know exactly what will fit in your home. 

So, which should come first, the selection of appliances for building or remodeling plans or the plans that tell you where your appliances should be. 

At Urban Signature Appliances, we suggest that you speak with an appliance expert before settling on your plans. This way you can size the appliances and know exactly how your kitchen will look.   

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Design For Use


In the more traditional kitchen layout, most use an oven with a cooktop, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Appliances are positioned in a that makes the appliances more accessible.


Kitchens today are considered a family gathering space and have become bigger, with more space to accommodate family and friends.

Additionally, kitchens must have:

Questions to Consider

One Size Does Not Fit All

When selecting appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, ovens, and venting hoods preplanning makes your life much easier and most likely you will be more satisfied with the results. 

Call Urban Signature Appliances today at (956) 213-0700 and set an appointment to start your dream kitchen.